5 Great Reasons to visit Ephraim, Wisconsin in Door County this June

Peninsula State Park in Door CountyLet the FUN begin.  Door County is warming up and waking up for the start of the 2014 Summer season.  Here’s a list of 5 Great Reasons to Visit Door County and stay right here in Ephraim at the Ephraim Guest House Condominiums.

1)  State Park Open House Day–On June 8th the Wisconsin State Parks are open with FREE admission.  Door County is rich with State Parks, County Parks and Nature Preserves.  Peninsula State Park alone has 20 miles of hiking trails, 10 miles of biking trails and a fun family-friendly beach area complete with kayak and canoe rentals, picnic areas and concessions.

Light House in Peninsula Park
Photo By: Gene Hanson

2)  Door County Lighthouse Festival–The weekend of June 13-15th is the Door County Lighthouse Festival.  This Festival gives visitors access to lighthouses that typically are not open to the public at other times of the year like Chambers Island, Plum Island, Sherwood Point, and the Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouses.  There are 11 different ways to enjoy this Festival by land or by sea.  For the detailed tour information, please visit the Door County Maritime Museum’s website.  Then be sure to come back to the Guest House and unwind for a relaxing evening.

3)  Enjoy Bike Riding?  On June 14th you can enjoy the Ridges Ride for Nature.  Ride the scenic back roads past the Lake Michigan vistas of Door County and support the Ridges Sanctuary.  This event has grown tremendously in the last few years and is a great fundraiser for the Ridges Sanctuary.  There is still time to register and being that we are condominiums, there is plenty of room for you and your gear.  For more information and to register for this bike ride, please visit the Ridges Sanctuary website.

Fyr Bal in Ephraim Door County4)  50th Anniversary of the Ephraim Fyr Bal–June 21st, 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of this celebration of summer.  The Fyr Bal Festival re-creates traditions of early Norwegians celebrating the summer solstice. Evening bonfires represent winter’s exit and usher in the long days of summer. You’ll be able to enjoy live music, art & craft shows, llamas and alpaca’s along with children’s activities with fireworks to complete a perfect day.  Leave your vehicle behind at the Guest House as we are just a half block from the sparkling waters of Eagle Harbor.  They’ll be no need to hassle over parking and if you need to take a break from the festival, walk back to your condominium, relax, spend some time in the quiet serenity of the Ephraim Guest House gardens and then head back to enjoy more of the festivities or the fireworks in the evening.

Uncork Summer Food, Wine and Music Festival in Door County

5)  Uncork Summer is a brand new festival that will help you to “Uncork Summer” with great food, wine, and live music.  Uncork Summer will be on the grounds of the Wickman House Restaurant in Ellison Bay.  Parking will be free and a small fee will be charged to taste wine, food and other delicacies at each of the vendor food tents.  If you enjoy wine and food pairings this will be a must-do on your visit with us.  For more information, please visit the Uncork Summer website.